8 Salon Design Fundamentals


SalonSmart and J&A USA Pedicure Spas partner every year
to show off our newest pedicure spa chairs and salon equipment at the Premiere
Orlando trade show. We enjoy meeting both existing and new customers at the
show. The show is also a great opportunity for salon and spa owners to see the
latest hair trends, new products and attend educational workshops. This year, I
was able to catch part of a salon design workshop by Eric Lewine, Belvedere Senior Vice-President. He provided some great basic details for anyone who is opening or renovating a new salon/spa.  Here are eight highlights from the workshop (and a few shameless plugs for our company, too):

·Logo and branding are very important when opening a new salon. Make sure your logo or
design can be replicated and is easy to read on all collateral materials,
signage and other areas of the salon.

·The first impression is made at the front desk and entrance area.

· Retail areas — People want to touch and feel the bottles. There will be product loss but
just plan on it. Showcase the products anywhere customers will see them including
service areas and reception areas. Train your staff to assist and sell products
to customers. These sales can increase your revenue.

· Reception areas — Individual seating is more efficient than having couches or sofas because people tend to leave a space between themselves and others. People should not remain seated for too long.

· Think about ADA compliance throughout the salon

· Lighting is an important consideration. True sunlight bulbs should be used when coloring hair so when customers leave the salon their hair color does not look different.

· Styling areas — Think about your electrical source. Is it from the floor or ceiling? Island stations with tools on the sides and back-to-back stations are popular. Think about right-handed and left-handed people. Will the tool area be placed on the correct side? Styling stations should have a place for cord management on the inside of the cabinet. (At SalonSmart we have the Fusion Station with outlets built into the stations!)  

· Salon Equipment — Eric informed the audience the Internet has become the “great equalizer” for salon equipment because all salon equipment looks the same online but in actuality it is not all the same. You should ask questions and research the item you are purchasing. (At SalonSmart, we try to educate our customers on salon equipment purchases. Find out the size, what materials are used, is assembly required, is there a warranty on the
item, delivery and shipping charges.)
Eric provided a great chart on the estimated long term comparison of purchasing an inexpensive styling chair at $200 versus $600. The
chart explains that at the beginning you may pay less for the $200 chair but over the lifetime of your salon, you could be paying more for the inexpensive
chair because of future replacement and repair costs.


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