5 Hair Salon Makeover and Renovation Tips

When salon owners are ready to give their business a makeover, they come to SalonSmart. The owner of Salon West teamed with us to update and upgrade the equipment of his salon and spa in Largo, FL. After seeing the fantastic results of Salon West’s renovations, SalonSmart has five salon remodeling and renovation ideas for those hair and nail salons that are ready for a renovation.


1. Renovate based on design and industry trends. Salon owners need to understand what’s in style. For instance, the Go Green movement and preserving the environment has affected the way interior design is approached. Many salons are using reclaimed wood for flooring with warm, earthy paint colors accenting the walls. Salon West chose another popular option and used wood tile for its flooring.

2. Improve the lighting. Not only does this make your space look larger, but it allows stylists and clients to see true hair color. Natural light is the best way to accomplish this since it does not give off a yellow tint. Thanks to full-spectrum light bulbs, the equivalent of natural light can be achieved without additional windows.


3. Invest in quality salon equipment. Owners who bought bargain-basement equipment in the early stages of their business due to financial restraints are probably sick of the poor quality and should consider purchasing higher quality furniture. Owner Mike Peters equipped Salon West with styling chairs and shampoo units from Italian manufacturer Salon Ambience because of the furniture’s high-end appearance and luxurious features such as electric massage and leg lifts.

They also purchased the Salon Ambience Amber Styling Chairs with an electric base. These Italian imported chairs represent lavish European salon designs.

4. Focus on functionality. There’s plenty of gorgeous-looking items, from salon shampoo units to styling stations, on the market which would look fabulous in your salon. But if the equipment hinders your employees or is a nightmare from a layout perspective, the item’s visual appeal is hardly worth the coin.

5.  Make retail display more prominent. Many salons lose potential profits by not showcasing or promoting their products. Salon West dedicates the front of the salon to display its wide array of products. An increased cash flow from a well-placed retail display can be used to offset the salon’s overhead.

When you are starting to think about renovating your salon, call us to help you create a modern salon. We also offer layout and financing options.


2 thoughts on “5 Hair Salon Makeover and Renovation Tips

    1. Yes! We do work with international clients. We have helped several salons in the carribbean.

      Please email me at mdeckert@salonsmart.com with any details and I can have Jamie (speaks Spanish) or Yali give you a call. If you are not sure where to begin our website has a lot of our merchandise to take a look at and the salon pictures area also gives you some ideas. They can also help you and make recommendations. After you have decided what you like they can provide a quote for you and you can go from there.


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