Energy Beauty Hair Salon Remodel

Thinking of Remodeling A Hair Salon? Make Sure To Do This.

Energy Beauty Hair Salon Remodel
Energy Beauty Hair Salon Remodel Makeover


We are excited to partner with our Italian salon equipment manufacturer, Salon Ambience, to share the strategy and behind-the-scenes renovation of Energy Hair Salon. In this post, you will see the before and after pictures of this beautiful remodel. More importantly, you will learn what crucial elements salon owners take into consideration to make a successful salon renovation.

Energy Hair Salon, based in Exeter, England, is a busy and well-known salon located in a unique lifestyle shopping center built on a working farm village. Prior to the renovation, the salon had the traditional appearance of a hair salon with warm floors and dark chairs.


As a salon owner, you understand the significance of thorough research and realistic budgeting for the renovation. However, before you begin the financial aspect, your most important task is to take the time to write down your dream for the salon remodel. What do you want for the renovation? How do you want people to feel when they are in the new space? Are those elements consistent with what your clients have come to expect from your salon?

Nathan Plumridge, owner of Energy Hair Salon, had a crystal-clear vision for his salon’s renovation. He set out to remake his beauty salon into a timeless and clean workspace which would not only benefit the stylists but offer clients all the industry’s top-notch services.


Remodeling your salon doesn’t always only consist of replacing salon furniture and equipment. Changing the colors, illumination and flooring can also do wonders for your salon. Energy Hair Salon’s interior was completely torn down and modified with new ceilings, lighting, walls and floors for better service.


Energy Hair Salon added depth and dimension to its already large space by capitalizing on off-white coloring throughout the salon. The off-white color choice also supplemented the salon with increased light and brightness.

Using these lighter tones on the salon chairs the Quadro chairs and Luxury shampoo units (seen below as a striking, 1-piece, ’sofa’ unit) ties the fresh, natural theme throughout the work area, and works well with the white-wood of the minimalist Flat work stations.



The wood-effect flooring adds a touch of natural beauty to the salon, cleverly avoiding the common problem of being too minimal, and creating a more friendly, welcoming environment without needing to complicate the salon style.

Reception Area of Energy Hair Salon
Reception area of Energy Hair Salon


“Every section of the salon has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate comfort,” said Plumridge. “We have a strong belief in using only the very best products and equipment, making sure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are thinking about remodeling your salon.

  • Design/Appearance
    • How do you want customers to feel when they are in the salon and how will they feel after they leave?
    • Traditional or modern feel
    • Peaceful, tranquil, Zen-like atmosphere
    • Fun, party environment
  • Do you want to add any new features
    • Layout modified for better space usage or functionality?
    • Retail
    • Spa or nail services
    • Eyelash services
    • Beverage area
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule during your slower months
    • Check to see if the construction team can work in the evenings to minimize client services being affected.
    • Plan for the remodel to take longer. If you have ever watched HGTV you know that renovations and construction always have some issue that will delay the completion.
  • Promotion and Marketing
    • Create a mood board with wall colors, swatches and pictures to promote the remodel.
    • Get your customers excited about the remodel. Show them pictures of the new look, new hair styling chairs and hair salon stations.
    • Send out e-mails and post on social media throughout the process to keep your customers in the loop and excited about the new salon.
    • During the construction phase have your team focus more on the new salon and less of the construction’s inconvenience.
  • After Completion
    • Schedule a party or open house for people to come and view the new space.
    • Send out e-mails and social media posts about the beauty and functionality of the new salon.
    • Create promotions to get more appointments.
    • Use e-mail and social media channels to get the most out of your new salon throughout the year.
    • Ask customers to review your salon on Google, Yelp, etc.

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