ee How A Caribbean Salon Discovered Unique Beauty Salon Equipment in the USA at SalonSmart

Making the residents feel as gorgeous as the scenery
surrounding the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean Islands was a
priority for the owners of Beauty Studio M. But before this island’s newest
professional hair salon and spa could open and begin making clients look as stunning
as its crystal clear waters, Beauty Studio M had to furnish its space with
beauty salon equipment. Finding it difficult to locate distinctive and
beautifully-crafted salon furniture in their home country, the operators of
Beauty Studio M started to look for salon equipment for sale beyond the
islands’ sandy borders.

Online Discovery Inspires Trip To Clearwater Salon Equipment Showroom  

Thanks to the Internet, the proprietors of Beauty Studio M found SalonSmart’s website and were impressed by the wide selection of items along with the salon layout and design services. According to Jaime Salazar, SalonSmart Vice President of Sales, another reason Beauty Studio M chose to work with us is because we have someone on staff who speaks Spanish. “They were looking for someone to speak Spanish so they could better express their needs,” said Salazar. “They really liked that we could not only give them advice on
equipment and furniture but help them with design and layout with their new
salon too.”

Airplane from Carribbean to Florida Salon Equipment Showroom

Representatives from Beauty Studio M traveled from their location in Port of Spain, Trinidad to SalonSmart’s showroom in Clearwater, Florida. The trip permitted the owners to not only view the salon equipment but to also touch the fabric and sit in the styling chairs, shampoo units and reception furniture.

Upscale And Customizable Salon Furniture That Fulfills A Purple Passion

Determined to give the salon a distinctive feel with a purple color design, Beauty
Studio M opted to outfit the hair salon and spa with equipment from Salon
, a luxurious and established Italian manufacturer.“They were looking for upscale furniture that would be different than what they could find in their country,” Salazar said. “They really like that Salon Ambience is unique and could be customized with color and fabric finishes.”

Quadro Hair Salon Styling Chair

Hair treatments and styling take place while customers are comfortably seated in salon chairs called the Quadro. Salon Ambience offers 48 color choices, and Beauty Studio M selected a two-tone color scheme with Stone Alligator Gray and Purple Amethyst for the Quadros.

Advantage Salon Shampoo Units image
Advantage Shampoo Unit with leg lift

To differentiate between the shampoo and styling areas, Salazar suggested building a raised platform for the shampoo units. To contrast the look of the styling chairs, the owners chose to upholster their Salon Ambience Advantage Shampoo Units with the color combination of Pearl Fur and Purple Amethyst.


In addition to the Salon Ambience pieces, Beauty Studio M purchased Custom Fusion Hair
Styling Stations
in Rigoleto Bronze, one of 17 signature wood finishes offered
by SalonSmart.

Custom Finish Hair Salon Styling Station

A full-service beauty salon and spa, Beauty Studio M also needed stylish and durable pedicure spa chairs. So J&A USA’s Toepia GX Pedicure Chair, a Nails Magazine Readers’ Choice Award winner in 2015,
was selected to pamper the salon’s clients during pedicures.

Toepia Pedicure Spa Chair

SalonSmart was also able to help Beauty Studio M with basic items such as hair processors,
facial beds and the reception desk and furniture.

Hair Salon Processor and Reception Chairs

Navigating The International Shipping Waters

Once furnishings were selected, SalonSmart guided Beauty Studio M through the twists and turns that can come with shipping items internationally to places like Trinidad and Tobago or the Cayman Islands.

SalonSmart’s vast experience with global customers provides us with an understanding of what needs to be addressed during the international shipping process. We help the client, if needed, identify a freight forwarder before overseeing the consolidation of shipments from various vendors.

Salazar said it is important the freight forwarder chosen is fluent in the same language as the client because they need to discuss important details such as payments, delivery dates along with taxes, terms and conditions.

So if you’re living the island life somewhere in the Caribbean and are in need of a salon equipment supplier, remember the SalonSmart team living the salt life in Florida is always ready, willing and able to help you with the entire process of purchasing exceptional salon equipment.

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