Unique Hair Salon Decor Embraced by Copper Penney Hair Studio

At SalonSmart, it is exciting to see how salon owners are able to use creatvity to transform a plain, dull space into a sensational business.

Tina Watson waited 25 years to open her salon, Copper Penny Hair Studio, and she did
not want it to be boring or cookie cutter. Her goal was to have a “feast for the eyes.”  She thought if her stylists are going to be at work for such a long time, they may as well have something interesting to look at.


Tina, a home design guru, appreciates different design themes and beautiful spaces.
For the design of her hair salon, she was inspired by her background in restoring her historic home. She recently renovated the fireplace hearth with pennies and that led to the salon’s theme and name – Copper Penny. She thought the rustic theme would be gender neutral and give the salon an evolved feel.

Tina converted an old space located in the revitalized Dixieland area of Lakeland,
Florida. The original rental unit was the typical office with carpet, white walls and drop ceiling tiles. She raised the ceiling to the rafters, built a brick wall and installed cement floors to transform the space into a rustic, industrial look.


Tina was also very resourceful with the salon furniture she purchased for the salon. The SalonSmart equipment she chose was unique and eclectic but also functional and comfortable for customers. The Chelsea Styling Chairs are a large, have quilted sides and rich cherry wood accents on the arms. The Stockholm Shampoo Units have chrome arms
and feet that provide additional textures and shapes to the overall hair salon design.


Other inventive elements of the hair salon décor were made by friends and family,
including the side table, chandelier, reception desk and penny vase. Creating this distinctive space is not only great for her hairstylists and customers to enjoy, but will probably lead to future clients. “Every day I get people dropping in just to see the beauty salon decor,“ said Tina. They don’t need haircuts today, but they are going to remember the salon.


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