100 Catchy Hair Salon Names

A catchy hair salon name is a significant marketing tool. So choosing
something memorable to help garner attention is important. Key words play a
crucial role in the name of your business, especially when it comes to online

In the last couple of years, more than 2,000 salons have worked with
SalonSmart. Common threads that we have seen among those business names included the use of the words hair salon, hair, studio, cut and bella. Our clients have exhibited a flair for the creative. You’ll be hard-pressed to forget names such as Tortoise & the Hair Salon or Heads You Win. A few customers probably did a U-turn after noticing a sign promoting Bling It On Beauty Salon or the Not So Plain Jane Salon & Spa.

The grammar police have no authority to enforce the rules when it comes
to salon names. So go ahead and disregard everything you know about proper spelling.
Inventive names such as Kutz N Kurls or be.YOU.tiful may drive your old English
teacher bonkers, but they could increase your walk-in traffic.

Keep in mind whatever name is chosen, it’s a representation of your
business. So the name should appeal to your targeted customer base. It’s highly
doubtful a salon called Ye Olde Tyme Beauty Parlor will attract teenagers and
hipsters.  But use common sense and don’t go overboard because no one is venturing into a salon called The Slice of Lice.

No matter what name you decide upon, always remember, the Poshabilities (a real
salon name) are endless. Here is a list of 100 of the most original and
unforgettable names.

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