Salon Equipment Buying Tips

Salon Equipment and Furniture

Purchasing salon equipment is one of the most important investments you can make when opening or renovating a salon or spa. SalonSmart offers some friendly advice and 10 handy tips for customers getting ready to take on this giant step.

  1. Think about the size and type of salon or spa you would like to open or renovate. What services will you offer? Hair, nails, massage or facials? How much equipment or furniture will you need? Do you have enough space? Some salon furniture companies offer salon layout services to ensure everything will fit and you are using the space efficiently.
  2. Work with a knowledgeable company specializing in salon furniture. A credible company will take the time to learn about your business to make sure the items meet your specific needs. If there is a certain style or function you are looking for, the customer service representative may be able to suggest products and additional options not currently on the website.
  3. Since salon equipment ranges from low to high priced pieces, you’ll need to set a realistic budget. Being thrifty is fun, and buying a styling chair for less than $100 sounds like a score! However, in the long run, buying cheap salon equipment can lead to a lot of problems as those items may need replaced or repaired down the line. Always remember this old adage. “You get what you pay for.” On the other hand, it would be great to have super high-end furniture, but you may not have the funds when you’re starting out. Fortunately, there are plenty of mid-priced options available to help you achieve the same desired look at a great value.
  4. Because opening or remodeling a salon can be a large expense, you may want to search for a salon equipment dealer which works with a company to provide salon equipment financing. This permits you to purchase new salon equipment while dividing up the costs over a period of months or years. Financing could also allow you to set aside some of your initial start-up capital for other things like emergencies or repairs.
  5. Look for a style matching your salon’s atmosphere for the long term. Salon equipment and furniture is a big investment. Salons or spas should plan to remodel every four to five years. Think about your target market and if those potential clients will be attracted to the chosen materials and equipment.
  6. Pay close attention to the quality and durability of the equipment you are purchasing. Remember, these items are used daily by many customers. It is very hard to tell the difference with salon equipment sold online. It is important to get durability details from the customer service representative or look at the specifications and features of the item.  What is it made of?  Steel? Aluminum? Plastic? How will constant
    use affect the item? How long will it last?
  7. Be aware of the equipment’s assembly process. Does the item come pre-assembled or does it require putting everything together? Some large stations cannot be shipped assembled while smaller units can usually be shipped completely assembled. SalonSmart tries its best to provide salon equipment that is either pre-assembled or requires very little assembly. We have heard many customer nightmare stories about ordering equipment from other online retailers. The chairs were delivered in endless parts and pieces, requiring countless hours of assembly time.
  8. Find out if a warranty is offered and what it includes. Is the company going to be helpful if something should go wrong? How has the company handled your phone calls to this point? Have they been responsive to your needs?
  9. Make sure you understand the company’s return policy. Ask the customer service representative if you have any questions regarding the policy.
  10. It is very common in the salon equipment industry to have the furniture delivered by freight companies. Ask customer service about applicable shipping charges and the delivery process. Are you getting the lowest possible rate? SalonSmart gets quotes from multiple shipping companies to get you the best possible price for shipping.

SalonSmart hopes these tips make the salon equipment buying process easier and gets you well on your way to creating the salon of your dreams.


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