Buying Salon Equipment Tips

Salon equipment is an important part of a new salon because it is a large part of your opening costs, they must be functional, and they will be in constant use. If you are shopping online for salon furniture, make sure you call and speak to someone at the company. First, by speaking to someone, you will get an idea about the kind of customer service this company provides. Secondly, and most importantly, you will want to know the quality of the specific item you are researching. Salon equipment should be durable and last for 5-6 years.  If an item is not made well, you will need to replace it within a year or two, an added expense you don’t want. Remember the lowest price is not always a good thing in the salon furniture industry, but it is not necessary to shop for high-end equipment when there are many products that combine quality and price for a great value. Ask about a warranty, what is covered under the warranty and if there are shipping costs.


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